Some suggestions on getting great with ladies. Learn what I know!

Posted by Mauricio Prerauer on 12:15 PM, 11-Apr-14

In this post I wish to speak a bit about the various books and websites I have visited which have helped me. Like I stated in my initial post, the whole point of this blog is to share info. First, you have to take a look at this community. I have read many forums but this has been the very best for me. I joined the forum like 3 months or so ago and boy.. have I been reading biggrin I cannot recommend this forum enough. You are able to ask questions about everything associated to girls there. The forum has a large number of people in there and they are all sharing their knowledge with you, pure awesomeness.

I got a lot of good info about ladies from a site Funny thing is the fact that my buddy sent me a hyperlink with some post there but then I started reading more and discovered lots of great stuff there. I like the guys approch there to getting hot girls. My favourite post was about how you can meet women throughout the day. How to meet women that are out of your league - post was really helpful when I last went out. I like it how he says that all-natural game is the best and all you need is to just be you. I know some individuals do extremely well with „canned“ material but it is just not for me.

The last "source" that was truly useful for me was a youtube video. I wish I had seen this video sooner. Really, the whole channel is fairly good if you ask me. Best thing about videos isn't only the information, there's a lot more to that. The very best part is that you can see how the guy behaves with other individuals and make them part of his reality. This is truly essential whenever you wish to be successful with women imo. I think it is among the most valuable things to possess role models. Anyways, this dude makes an excellent role model. These are the primary 3 places I got the most help on the ladies problem. If you do not like it then suck it biggrin Naah, just kidding, I know everybody has different methods to getting girls so it's ok in the event you don't share exactly the same ideas with me. You can say I am not a total newbie anymore biggrin For me it all began like three or so months ago when I saw the pickup artist television show. I did however started truly taking action just now. You can call me the keyboard guru biggrin I hope it'll change though and now I can put my knowledge to work also. So, I suppose this is it for this post, I will see you later!